oh, I see. do you know who publishes it? I'm still...
# analog-design
oh, I see. do you know who publishes it? I'm still trying to get a handle on the simplest useful fully-analog circuit I could implement.
Implement a resistor.
I'm only half kidding. It's just to get familiar with the tools
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Then do an inverter
Size the transistors, do the spice Sims, blah blah
Actually that sounds like a good "hello world" for a document
yup! I'll try to take some notes, it sounds like a great tutorial
I'd work with you on it if you want!
sure, I always have beginners write tutorials, but it'd be good to do together
I got to the part where I run make on the git repository...
kind of pacing myself
trying to make one section a day might be a reasonable pace to go at
Are you using Magic or KLayout?
I have not gotten far enough that I would choose, so I'd suggest we pick whichever seems like a better long-term choice?
I do use Linux if that makes the choice simpler
probably picking one and installing it should be in a tutorial as well
or at least a link to a recommended tutorial
KLayout really looks good, but Magic has been around forever. I'm not sure which would be more adaptable for smaller geometries.