I am working on a microwave amateur radio satcom t...
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I am working on a microwave amateur radio satcom transceiver so I am obviously very interested in on chip inductors. My plan for the first tapeout was to forget about inductors and brute force it with ring oscillator VCOs etc. Take the performance hit to get some initial working silicon (hopefully) and loop back to start incorporating inductors. However, I am very open to collaborating on some inductor designs with anyone that's looking at them. Could also put some different VCO topologies (ring/LC) side by side and see the performance differences. Besides it's becoming apparent to me that phase noise simulation is going to be tough with the open source simulators so I'm not sure there's currently a better way than taping out and measuring
This is not open, but It's free. It has pnoise and many other functionalities. Never personally verified with silicon (or compared with spectre), though. http://brambilla.ws.dei.polimi.it/
@andagel awesome, I've never seen that before. Definitely going to try it. That's for the tip