What are people thinking of building on the analog...
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What are people thinking of building on the analog side? On the digital side probably the RISC-V and retrocomputing people will have a lot of fun, and I suppose they might want some analog peripherals for their SoCs, but I'm curious if people have other grand plans to build cool analog stuff.
I'm not sure if you'd even call this "analog," but I am developing a very new style of digital logic that is different enough from conventional digital that existing digital cells & flows are not useful to us at all. So, we have to develop our own cells from the transistors up. Also, our signaling schemes are nonstandard.
Whoa, this is extremely fascinating. I was just thinking, are we just going to play catch-up, or will there be actual innovation. Anywhere where I can learn more about this or possibly get involved? I've been toying with some ideas for phase-based logic for sensitive computations.
We're preparing an invited overview paper now for ICCD (https://www.iccd-conf.com) and a more detailed technical paper for ICRC (https://icrc.ieee.org/). The current project is building demonstration chips for this logic style called 2LAL (two-level adiabatic logic) that was developed in 2000-2004 at UF but never got to the layout stage due to a lack of funding. Some publications from that early period can be found here (paper, slides) and here (slides). We have a new version of 2LAL that achieves what I call "perfectly adiabatic" computing, which in principle can be orders of magnitude more energy efficient than conventional digital, limited only by leakage.
@Mike Frank can you send me a copy of that paper..
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@Troy Benjegerdes - The paper I linked is freely downloadable. The IEEExplore publication is not really a paper; it is just printed handouts of the slide deck from a later talk; attaching it to this comment.
The best place to start to find all of my more recent work is My Public Page.
The base process flow looks interesting for POL DC-DC and linear regulators up to 12V (+margin). I am hoping that eventually the sister 60V/120V +LDMOS flows will be migrated to this open PDK as well.