Tim 'mithro' Ansell

08/20/2020, 10:47 PM
Anyone here want to help test some of the analog models?
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Kapil Vyas

09/04/2020, 9:50 AM
I can test models using ngspice sims. Eagerly waiting for the spice models.

Affan Abbasi

09/05/2020, 1:59 AM
@User I am also available to do the testing for analog models. I have the analog flow up and running with PTM(Predictive Technology Models) 130nm. I can also extract timing info from .LIB files for any digital cell and check the correlation between the models and .LIB.
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Akash Salow

09/05/2020, 2:35 AM
I would like to help testing Analog models