<@U017H530WC9>: "libraries are broken" . . . All ...
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@User: "libraries are broken" . . . All devices have been simulated and the simulation netlists are in the repository under sky130_fd_pr/<cell>/tests/. There is an assortment of devices that require more than the top-level
file in the netlist. On the one hand, it would be nice to have a single file that includes everything necessary to find every device. On the other hand, it takes ngspice something like a full minute to read all the files (oddly, it appears to read all of the files, even the ones that aren't in the if conditional block for the specified corner), so there's a conflicting wish for a leaner way to include a smaller set of devices.
@Tim Edwards It was the top level spice library that gave me grief. I'll provide details of the versions i am using and the error tonight.
@Tim Edwards attached error dump and versions of tools.
Note that if I just include the discrete.spice for the ff corner, I get great looking MOSFET curves
I'm sure its something simple i've missed.
@jrsharp: You should be using ".lib" and not ".inc" there. The "sky130.lib.spice" is a ".lib"-type file. It takes an extra argument (the corner, e.g., "tt") and uses that to select a specific section out of the file. If you don't use ".lib", it will try to read all of the files for all of the corners, which is not good.
@Tim Edwards I see! thanks for that 🙂 it was a spice noob error!