I got an analog design simulated! It needs some tw...
# analog-design
I got an analog design simulated! It needs some tweaking, but it seems to work. I am going to design a bias circuit so its self contained and then try to lay it out. Right now I am using ltspice for waveform viewing, it can open the .RAW files from ngspice directly. Gaw is pretty bad.
Great! What symbols are you using? Nice tip on using LTSpice for viewing, I couldn't get Gaw to do what I want so I was using ngspice's own plot, which doesn't seem that great either.
I am using the default symbols for ngspice. I saw that @bluecmd added instructions for how to get the custom SKY130 symbols set up, but I think I need to add an environment variable to get it working or something
Awesome. When doing your tweaking I'd recommend double checking all your transistors are the saturation region. Do you know how to print the dc operating point of each device? If not I can send a template syntax