<@U01819B63HP> I just completed a 16 bit (4 word l...
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@User I just completed a 16 bit (4 word lines x 4 bit lines) ROM, designed with xcshem. Having gone through this process, I now understand a lot more about your 8kx16 design. I hope to reimplement it as a hand-coded 8bit x 16 word ROM, and put it on my git hub as a tutorial in using XSchem (wonderful tool, btw) and ngspice with gates and primitive from the pdk.
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Can you link your GitHub? Would love to take a look!
@bluecmd yes this 4 bit ROM is just a muck around thing, there is horrible stuff like problems aligning things to grids and inconsistent naming conventions. I have to talk to my work about the IP but i assume its fine to publish it, and I will create a less trivial example (16 word by 8 or 16 bit) which is more polished and put that up, with tutorial on how to create the design, simulate it etc. Next stage is layout in magic, DRC, LVS, and post layout SPICE, which can also be a tutorial. I also am hoping some experienced CMOS engineers can review my design and make some suggestions, as I am a noob :)