<@U01BJBTNN9E> i will make a correction in the mod...
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@User i will make a correction in the models, from @User i have understood that multiplicity factor
must both be given. The '`m=` is the actual subcircuit multiplier (and the pfet is wrapped in a subcircuit), the '`mult=`' gets the same value as
, this is only to make the 'mult' variable accessible to be used in equations inside the subcircuit. (the 'm' factor gets resolved by spice parser and no more 'visible' from within the subckt).
Is this something that is going to be changed in the model files that are distributed or do we need to specify both "m" and "mult"? I defined a value for mult and tried values equal to and different than what I had defined for "m" and did not see any differences
or was there some guidance that we had to define both and you are clarifying that that is actually not needed
@Weston Braun: "mult" should be set equal to "m", but I don't think it shows up in any equations other than monte carlo ones.
Usually (if i remember correctly) there should be expressions like deltavt = random_var * coeff/sqrt(W*L*mult); multiple devices average variations reducing sigma , as do big W and big L
@Stefan Schippers: Yes, that's exactly right.
Oh thanks for that explanation. I keep bumbling from surprise to surprise. I wonder how many more ways I can be doing it wrong. 😉