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# analog-design
@User @User has a couple of examples of using monte Carlo in the xschem libraries, I think both for skywater and a more generic PDK. Last time I looked at monte Carlo there were some unsolved mysteries about how to translate the statistical properties from the spectre models to the ngspice format. I played around with it and couldn't find conversions that both made sense from a theoretical point of view and gave reasonable results. So that's still an open item on things we need to improve on the PDK. So if you want some informative variability to spot design weaknesses @User work should demonstrate that but to my knowledge there's so statistically accurate monte Carlo available at the moment (unless you use the NDA PDK with Spectre)
@Tim Edwards do you know what the status of the models is for Monte Carlo sims? The impression I'm getting is that the PDK isn't there yet. Is that correct?
@Tim 'mithro' Ansell FYI as per our conversation