<@U01EK2VDMDG>: I would be happy to help but I hav...
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@User: I would be happy to help but I have my hands rather full with managing the tapeouts and upgrading various tools, methods, and other IP between shuttle runs. To the extent that I believe that a PLL and LDO in particular are critical IP to have for every shuttle run, I want to see those done, although we have some examples of both on the current shuttle run that we could possibly leverage. I know that Tim Ansell is very interested in USB 3.0 PHY, so you probably want to contact him about that, and he may be able to point you to other people who are interested in the same.
Thanks @Tim Edwards. I was hoping if you could pass this to whom might be interested as well.
Wanted to ask you about the PLL? Are we talking GHz range PLLs or less?
I mean if you already have something, we could take it from there.