Thanks for the endorsement. : ) It does have it...
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Thanks for the endorsement. : ) It does have its quirks. The interface is essentially the anti-Virtuoso.
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Since we're on the subject - Is there any particular reason the mouse wheel scrolls vertically rather than performs the zoom function? Seems a strange choice since there isn't an equivalent horizontal scroll (at least not one I know of)
Shift-scroll-wheel will do horizontal scrolling. This is a personal choice; I find it very useful to pan around the chip with the scroll wheel, while I don't generally need to zoom in and out very often. Also, panning is quick while zooming requires a full screen refresh and can't keep up with the scroll wheel.
Always possible to re-map the macros.
I see. Interesting you say shift-scroll to pan horizontally, I tried that back when I first started using Magic but it didn't (and still doesn't) do that for me. Instead, I get this error in the console
Unknown macro or short command: 'Shift_XK_Pointer_Button4'
Huh, you're right. I must have done that as a custom setting for myself. I just added it to the default macros.
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Oh cool. Thanks
Beat this turnaround time, Cadence!