is there anyway to size mosfets for a current mirr...
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is there anyway to size mosfets for a current mirror like,i know w/l ratio i want but how should i chose W and L values,is there any systematic way
You'll want to use the same L and choose the W ratios to match the desired current ratios. I shared a set of gm/Id curves I made for the g5v0d10v5 devices on this channel a while back which you can use to choose the device sizes
The W ratios should be realized as multiples of a single unit transistor width. E.g. choose a per finger width, then choose the number of fingers required to get the desired width per device
ok bro thanks
Even better for tight matching, you could use multiple instances of a unit device with a fixed number of fingers, leaving mismatches to layout routing and surrounding dummy structures /gradients.