<@U017W0XFSCX> thanks! I have had a few people ask...
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@User thanks! I have had a few people ask if I'm looking for contributions to the project and my answer has always been 'no thanks due to the fact that a large motivation for me was the learning the design of each section'. However, I am starting to reconsider if this is the right approach. I have a pretty good mental model of the components required in the system so I think I will do some work to architect these out and define some basic specs that people can pick up as design projects if they desire. There is no harm in having multiple options for functional blocks - maybe will even inspire some of the competitive spirit that @User mentioned in the talk I'll let you know once I have something up, probably get it finalised over the weekend.
@yrrapt I had missed today's session due to another workshop call, but if you are looking forward for execute this through a more robust process, please feel free to ping. We can help build your specs in below format https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/vsd-ip-specs/ Then we will float these projects as 10-week hardware design program, where we follow strict 5-stage process to implement IPs Results - https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/ip/