The TCL script I use is: ```"gds flatten true gds ...
# analog-design
The TCL script I use is:
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"gds flatten true
gds read ../../amsat_txrx_ic.gds
load $1
#flatten drc_cell_lvs
#load drc_cell_lvs
extract all
extract do all
ext2spice lvs
ext2spice subcircuits off
ext2spice -o drc_cell_lvs.spice
select top cell
port makeall
ext2spice lvs
ext2spice cthresh 0.01
ext2spice rthresh 0.01
ext2spice subcircuit on
ext2spice ngspice
ext2spice -o drc_cell_pex.spice"
This set of commands generates a valid spice file, but it does not seem to actually contain any resistances