Also, (I think its at this step) when I flatten my...
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Also, (I think its at this step) when I flatten my netlist is says there are warnings but does not print them. Any way to check the warnings?
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Extracting opa_flat into opa_flat.ext:
opa_flat: 6 warnings
Total of 6 warnings.
Warnings are given by "feedback" entries, which are like DRC errors except use a different but similar set of commands. So "feedback why" ("feed why" for short, if you like) and "feedback find" will track down those errors and tell you what they are.
Extraction warnings are usually about labels and can be ignored. FETs with source and drain tied together elicit warnings, too, which can be ignored.
I am getting warnings of the form:
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% feedback find
Feedback #1: device missing 1 terminal;
 connecting remainder to node cascode_bias_0/vss.
Is this the type of message that is generated for dummy devices with source and drain tied together? I dont have any unconnected devices and this seems to match the number of fully shorted dummy devices I have.
Yes, that's the behavior for source-drain tied devices.