For things to extract correctly does the deep nwel...
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For things to extract correctly does the deep nwell layer need to be in the same module as the well layer? Or is this a bug or something?
This is a known bug and one that I really wanted to get fixed before MPW-two but my implementation had a few outstanding issues and I have not had the time to track them down. For now, flattening is really the only way to get it to work properly, and even then it will have issues if you have multiple isolated pwells.
Ok. I did not know about the flattening part. I can do that. (is it a per module, or the whole design needs to be flattened?)
I am only using deep nwell to isolate the nmos in the power stage, so my design only has one isolated pwell potential.
and even then, the isolated pwells still get tied to the substrate in the hierarchy...