<@U016EM8L91B>, I just updated my version of the P...
# analog-design
@User, I just updated my version of the PDK but I still don't see the
device in the model library so I've had to add the following line to the spice file. Just an FYI in case you didn't know. The other PNP device is there.
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.include "../../libs.ref/sky130_fd_pr/spice/sky130_fd_pr__pnp_05v5_W3p40L3p40.model.spice"
I'm adding the PNP below the other one in
as shown below:
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* call models applicable to any corner
.include "../../libs.ref/sky130_fd_pr/spice/sky130_fd_pr__pnp_05v5_W0p68L0p68.model.spice"
.include "../../libs.ref/sky130_fd_pr/spice/sky130_fd_pr__pnp_05v5_W3p40L3p40.model.spice" *** 3.4 PNP ***
I am currently making these fixes without modifying the source, so I just need to make either a patch file or a script that applies the fix. The NPNs are missing from that too, it looks like.
Oh cool. Ok thanks, Tim.
Is that patch also going to fix the BJT extraction issue? or is that a different issue?