Has anyone successfully set up the multithreading ...
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Has anyone successfully set up the multithreading on ngspice? Or if there is some other nice tools for spice simulations? I am trying to run the design, but since it is only running on single core, it is taking forever.
Hi Mehdi, apparently LTSpice uses a multi-threaded solver
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To get best performance from ngspice with SkyWater make sure you follow these instructions. http://ngspice.sourceforge.net/applic.html#sky
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Thanks @User I will take a look!
Thank you @User I will follow those steps and give that a try
@User: Use
, and take a look at the #xyce channel. But ngspice will take ages to start up if you don't use the startup file (
) that is distributed with open_pdks, or at least duplicate those settings (which have to be in a file in your run-time directory called
). With the startup settings, ngspice is still slower than xyce, though.
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