I am trying to do a monte carlo simulation so I se...
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I am trying to do a monte carlo simulation so I select the corner mc, while I find sky130_fd_pr__pnp_05v5_W3p40L3p40 can not be included this way. Below is my super simple testing codes:
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*Title: test mc include sky130_fd_pr__pnp_05v5_W3p40L3p40 or not
.lib " OPEN_PDKS_PATH/sky130A/libs.tech/ngspice/sky130.lib.spice" mc
XQ1 GND GND vbneg sky130_fd_pr__pnp_05v5_W3p40L3p40 m=39
I got error like this:
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Circuit: *title: test mc include sky130_fd_pr__pnp_05v5_w3p40l3p40 or not

Error: unknown subckt: xq1 0 0 vbneg sky130_fd_pr__pnp_05v5_w3p40l3p40 m=39
    Simulation interrupted due to error!

Error: there aren't any circuits loaded.
Does anyone has suggestions towards which corner (tt/ff/...) to choose and how to set parameter mc_mm_switch/mc_pr_switch when doing monte carlo simulations.
Yet another error in the SkyWater sources. The
which includes all of the model files, including the NPNs, but is missing the PNPs. Just add the include lines for the PNPs in
. I will write a script in the open_pdks installer to correct it.
I am concerned, though, that the monte carlo parameters are not defined for the PNP devices. In the same file there are parameters set for the NPN, but not for the PNP.
Thanks you for fixing that. Does that indicate monte carlo simulations couldn't be run for the PNP by any means?
I haven't had time to figure that out. The values might be in a file somewhere that's being ignored, or the values might be able to be pulled from the e-test data tables.
Ok, I'd run a test on that and let you know if any updates about that.