Hello all, I was trying to find information about ...
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Hello all, I was trying to find information about chips in SKY130 related to power management applications such as DCDC converters for energy harvesting. I didn't find much of this among the chips submitted until now, I guess other factors come to play here such as device robustness and current driving capabilities. I noted there are some 20V transistors, did anyone try them? would they be useful for such applications, e.g. boost converters? does anyone here have good examples or can guide me in the first steps?
I didn't happen to use them, nor did I see their Pcell. However, inside the open_PDK/sky130/lib.ref there are some layouts for 20v transistors. Maybe you can study them to learn their design rules. For the model, last time I saw xschem needed a special .include in order to use their spice model. More than that, I feel I won't be of much help. My devices don't need more than 1.8V anyway :^)
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@User did you see this? I think I am the only person to tape out a DC/DC so far https://github.com/westonb/Open-PMIC-tapeout https://github.com/westonb/open-pmic
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happy to talk more. Also feel free to join the power channel
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great Weston! thanks so much, super reference! I'll probably bother you for some discussion :)