Hi Everyone! I am testing magic with sky130 and e...
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Hi Everyone! I am testing magic with sky130 and everything is fine until I do LVS and PEX. I found good guidelines at https://github.com/sgherbst/sky130-hello-world , however PEX is is only providing parasitic capacitances. The recipe I am using is: # extract for PEX select top cell port makeall ext2spice lvs ext2spice cthresh 0.01 ext2spice rthresh 0.01 (this one gives an error: exttospice: integer value or "infinite" expected.) ext2spice subcircuit on ext2spice ngspice (this one does not work, suspect it should be ext2spice -f ngspice ...) ext2spice -o $::env(PEX_FILE) The layout is a buffer and should have a visible resistance at the output as shown below. Does anyone know how to do full RC extraction? Thanks!
you will need to use ext and then extresist. It is documented on magic's docs. If you dont find the answer ask in magic's channel
Thanks Arman! I will post in the magic channel