I am in the "set up configuration and tech files s...
# openlane
I am in the "set up configuration and tech files stage" ( doing it for the second time) . While running make, i have this error of "Error: Failed to find executable for magic in standard search path." I am not sure whether it is really an error. make install-local runs fine though. Running ./flow.tcl -design spm gives the output as in the snapshot I am not sure what to expect and also not sure whether this is right or not.
no this isn't what's expected
you are missing files
Thanks. Now it runs after Magic installation
Is it necessary to be inside docker to see the genersted gds. Exiting docker and running magic gives a blank gds
thanks, it ran fine. I had messed up the path. Also not relevant under this thread, but could you tell about open source tools for verilog/vhdl design and simulation