So there is some weird string parsing going on tha...
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So there is some weird string parsing going on that must be worked around using that I guess.
So strange, I’ve been using that, but still crashing
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diff --git a/commands/CmdSubrs.c b/commands/CmdSubrs.c
index 842b026..51c9223 100644
--- a/commands/CmdSubrs.c
+++ b/commands/CmdSubrs.c
@@ -899,9 +899,9 @@ cmdWindSet(window)
     wDef = ((CellUse *) window->w_surfaceID)->cu_def;
     if (wDef != newRootDef)
-       (void) sprintf(caption, "%s [NOT BEING EDITED]", wDef->cd_name);
+       (void) snprintf(caption, 200, "%s [NOT BEING EDITED]", wDef->cd_name);
     else {
-       (void) sprintf(caption, "%s EDITING %s", wDef->cd_name,
+       (void) snprintf(caption, 200, "%s EDITING %s", wDef->cd_name,
         /* Add a binding to scheme variable "edit-cell" */
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It's a function of the path length ... printing variable strings in fixed size buffers ...
That patch is just a work around, obviously the name should probably be shortened with "..." if it's too long since this is for a window title ...
I see it, I was so close yesterday that probably bit me…it was 2am though… thanks for the patch, testing now…
@Tim Edwards That might be a better patch for it ...
@20Mhz Does the flow complete for you now ?
passed the crash, now running LVS
@tnt (@20Mhz): I have patched the magic source with your ("better") fix. Thanks for the diff file!. . . also for debugging the error.