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# openlane
@User @User There are 5 options you can try from, but for this to be done you should setup our fork of tritonRoute13 and the specified version of tritonRoute14. check the FAQs and ./docker_build/docker Basically, those options use different optimizations iterations during routing. Each work better with some designs more than others. The variable to control this is ROUTING_STRATEGY with possible values: (0, 1, 2, 3, 14) More about it and all the other configurations also here
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Note that TritonRoute14 can do up to 58 optimization iterations (at the cost of 4x running time and ~3x memory usage), so there's a very high chance it will get your design routed DRC-cleanly. The running time should improve after we push the threading parameter option @User suggested.
Yeah I saw openlane repo now had a
tag and that include tritonroute14. I'll need to update but ATM since I got
running I want to play with that before delving into building stuff again 😛