`child killed: segmentation violation`
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child killed: segmentation violation
There was a logical error in my last commit that Ahmed Ghazy found and fixed; my example I was working with had only two sets of symmetries and the problem happened not to show up. I just pushed the fix to the opencircuitdesign.com repo.
also become NULL during the inner loops ? (
while (E1->graph != Circuit1->file) E1 = E1->next;
@tnt: It has already been established that C1 = C2, that there are the same number of entries for circuit 1 and circuit 2 in the list. So for every valid circuit 1 entry there must be a valid corresponding circuit 2 entry. Whichever pair is the last one, one of the two entries is the last entry in the linked list, and moving to ->next will become null, and the loop will exit. This should never happen in the inner loop.
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Tx for the explanation. The fix is similar to what I had already applied (except I was also checking the inner loops which is useless).