I am getting errors in placement stage using repla...
# openlane
I am getting errors in placement stage using replace in the openlane flow. Attaching the errors:
[INFO] FillerInit: FillerCellArea = -nan
[INFO] FillerInit: FillerCellSize = (-nan, -nan) [ERROR]: during executing: "replace < /openLANE_flow/scripts//replace_gp.tcl |& tee >&@stdout /openLANE_flow/designs/AMUX2_3V_top/runs/19-08_05-37//logs/placement/replace.log" [ERROR]: Last 10 lines: child killed: segmentation violation After debugging found out that the following line in replace_gp.tcl is causing the error: rep place_cell_nesterov_place. can someone help?
If it reproduces every time, upload your input files to GitHub and file a bug report for the tcl script
Or you can break out the debugger and try to figure it out yourself; assuming you don't have that much time then uploading means someone else can do that
Yes I don't think the error is with the whole TCL script. Just the one line. I was trying to debug, but don't know how exactly the place_cell_nesterov_place works.
Hi, if you share your input files, it would help find out what's wrong.
Yeah. I am attaching the verilog file which I have placed in src folder. And I have generated LEF file for the macro. Attaching the same