<@U016EM8L91B> do you know of a convenient way to ...
# openlane
@User do you know of a convenient way to change the path referenced by
for the installed locations of various dirs? it doesn't seem to honour --prefix. for example,
has on line 58
exec /build/lib/netgen/tcl/netgenexec -- "$@"
which , but I want it to point to
exec ${OPENLANE_ROOT}/build/lib/netgen/tcl/netgenexec -- "$@"
. i can change the references in this file manually. but the rabbit hole is deep. next it fails with
couldn't load file "/build/lib/netgen/tcl/tclnetgen.so": /build/lib/netgen/tcl/tclnetgen.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
ok continuing down the rabbit hole, only the additional path in
needed fixing too
and now i can run the flow natively 👍
@aryap: Great! It looks like I need to fix a number of tools in the way they handle the prefix. @Keno Fischer did this a few days ago for Magic (which I need to merge). A similar pull request for netgen would be nice. . .
i'll see how dirty I can get my hands 😲 no promises!