Hi, I am trying to use sky130-pdk with openlane to...
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Hi, I am trying to use sky130-pdk with openlane tools.I followed the steps in github but i had a problem to install the docker version needed as I am using VM centos6. So I Continued with the docker version I have "1.5".I ran ./flow.tcl -design spm as a test An error appeared regarding "package require json" in all.tcl script.So how I could install or get this package to avoid this error
Hi @sarah, can you list the commands you used here, and did you mount the docker eventually with 1.5 version or did the docker build/mounting fail eventually? Because the error you're getting means you ran
outside of the
docker container. Also, since you're using a centos6 VM, it would be very easy for you to run OpenLANE natively by untaring the files inside
and pointing to the binaries/build locations in your
, Although this is kind of hectic.
The commands I used git clone git@github.com:efabless/openlane --branch rc3 cd openlane/docker_build make merge cd .. docker run -it -v $(pwd):/openLANE_flow -v $PDK_ROOT:$PDK_ROOT -e PDK_ROOT=$PDK_ROOT -u $(id -u $USER):$(id -g $USER) openlane:rc3 then ./flow.tcl -design spm in openlane directory
And this runs without showing any error messages up to ./flow -design spm, which breaks? (i.e. did the docker build and mounting succeed (the bash changed)?) Also, bear in mind that you'll have to update the pdk to the commit hashes mentioned in rc3 to get the best of the flow. But, this is unrelated to this issue for now.
No errors but the return values of make merge
and sudo docker run -it -v /home/mohamed/git-repo/openlane:/openLANE_flow -v /home/mohamed/git-repo/:/home/mohamed/git-repo/ -e PDK_ROOT=/home/mohamed/git-repo/ -u 500:500 openlane:rc3 [sudo] password for mohamed: docker - version 1.5 Copyright 2003, Ben Jansens <ben@orodu.net> Usage: docker [OPTIONS] Options: -help Show this help. -display DISLPAY The X display to connect to. -border The width of the border to put around the system tray icons. Defaults to 1. -vertical Line up the icons vertically. Defaults to horizontally. -wmaker WindowMaker mode. This makes docker a fixed size (64x64) to appear nicely in in WindowMaker. Note: In this mode, you have a fixed number of icons that docker can hold. -iconsize SIZE The size (width and height) to display icons as in the system tray. Defaults to 24.
So it returns with the 1.5 docker version, is that ok?
Regarding the bash_profile , I didn't change it but linked all inside the docker_build/build inside /usr/bin
I'm afraid this means the docker version you have won't build the docker file we made.
As for running natively, you'll have to figure it out. I only did it once (for two of the tools only) under the guidance of @Ahmed Ghazy months ago. But, the general guideline is untar the files into some directory and point to them using the same names (environment variables) defined in this docker file in your .bash_profile file. And, of course, install all dependencies mentioned in that same docker file. Then, theoretically you'll be able to run openlane natively.
Thanks Amr , json package is now found after install dependencies in dockerfile
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