# openlane

Wajeh ul hasan

11/14/2020, 11:03 AM
Hello, please guide me on Core Utilization, I did a comparison by changing the value of only
. What I do not understand is: 1. Why does it change the DIEAREA? 2. Why does it change the COREAREA? 3. Why does it change the number of COMPONENTS. As far as I understand, changing utilization should just define how much of the given core area[which should be independent of the core utilization factor] would be utilized for placing the cells. It does not make sense to change the core area or die area altogether with the change of Core Utilization. @User @User

Amr Gouhar

11/16/2020, 4:28 PM
@Wajeh ul hasan: in brief, CORE_UTIL impacts the core area, and the core area for a macro impacts the die area, and if you have more core area then you'll have more space to insert more fill cells, decaps, tap cells, and diodes. Thus, changing the FP_CORE_UTIL will impact all of the above. The utilization is used to compute the area needed for the floorplan with the given number of cells. Then, the placer would use that provided area to place the cells.