Ok, so for any one wondering ( <@U01E2KKE4SH> I th...
# openlane
Ok, so for any one wondering ( @User I think you had some ), to know the net failing, you need to look for any
in the
! That report lists all the nets but those segments violating the rule will have a small asterisk next to one of the number ...
Yeah I had a bunch but
got rid of some, but not all How annoying / simple are you finding it to patch antenna violations by hand? I only just put ubuntu on an old laptop so magic with UI seems to work now, incase I have to do this. I couldn't get it working on mac
ATM I can't find them 😅
I know which cells have issue in the report ... but finding the matching thing (coordinate) ... not so much.
ah right. I see that Magic does DRC but antenna check is an external openROAD tool. Suppose you have to bounce back and forth between magic -> edit - > save - > antenna check -> magic -> edit ... assuming you can find out where the violations are..
Yeah. @mehdi said he'll add coordinates outputs to the report so you can find where it happens.