"make user_proj_example" in my repository<https://...
# openlane
"make user_proj_example" in my repositoryhttps://github.com/thesourcerer8/caravel-stdcelllib-stdcells/ gives those errors: [PROC] Begin Extracting Macro Cells ... [ERROR] Cannot find any macros in this design. (MAPL-3) [ERROR]: during executing: "openroad -exit /openLANE_flow/scripts/openroad/or_basic_mp.tcl |& tee >&@stdout /project/openlane/user_proj_example/runs/user_proj_example/logs/placement/basic_mp.log" [ERROR]: Exit code: 1 Any ideas?
@Philipp Gühring: I don't understand what do you need these includes for:
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# Adding the standard cells into OpenLane:
set ::env(EXTRA_LEFS) [glob $script_dir/../../cells/lef/*.lef]
#set lefs [glob $script_dir/../../cells/lef/*.lef]
#add_lefs -src $lefs

set ::env(EXTRA_LIBS) [glob $script_dir/../../cells/lib/libres*.lib]

set ::env(EXTRA_GDS_FILES)  [glob $script_dir/../../cells/gds/*.gds]
since these files are already present in openlane (the std cells). What library are you using? Because this naming
doesn't follow any opensource pdk that I know of. You might want to check this: https://github.com/efabless/openlane/tree/master/designs/digital_pll_sky130_fd_sc_hd as an example of using the cells directly.
I am developing StdCellLib (https://github.com/thesourcerer8/StdCellLib), and generated a standard cell library for SKY130, based on the netlists of the OSU180 library: https://pdk.libresilicon.com/dist/ https://pdk.libresilicon.com/dist/StdCellLib_20201106_SKY130/Catalog/buildreport.html
For the first tests, I just want to place each cell once into the user-space of caravel and connect each cell to the IOs.
The AND2X1 naming comes from the OSU180 netlists, but the cells are generated for SKY130
I have put my cells into the new directory "caravel/cells" inside my caravel based design since I didnt wanted to get my cells included in openlane due to the near deadline
@Amr Gouhar: So do you have any ideas?
@Philipp Gühring: I will try to reproduce your experiment later today and report to you if I reach anywhere.
I just found problems in my LEF files and will to fix them first. Stay tuned.
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https://pdk.libresilicon.com/caravel-build.html this is the complete log, by the way
@Amr Gouhar: Hmm, I currently believe that those LEF file issues are most likely not causing this "Cannot find any macros in this design" error, which is issued by bin/openlane . So please try to reproduce my experiment now.
@Philipp Gühring I've been having this same issue for a few days now