My design is crashing in route: `Layer 1 overf...
# openlane
My design is crashing in route:
Layer 1 overflow: 0
Layer 2 overflow: 0
Layer 3 overflow: 0
Layer 4 overflow: 0
Layer 5 overflow: 0
Layer 6 overflow: 0
[Overflow Report] Total Usage   : 4308733
[Overflow Report] Total Capacity: 13724068
[Overflow Report] Max H Overflow: 0
[Overflow Report] Max V Overflow: 0
[Overflow Report] Max Overflow  : 0
[Overflow Report] H   Overflow  : 0
[Overflow Report] V   Overflow  : 0
[Overflow Report] Final Overflow: 0
[INFO] Final usage          : 4308733
[INFO] Final number of vias : 1244036
[INFO] Final usage 3D       : 8040841
[INFO] Total wirelength: -219538 um
[ERROR]: during executing: "openroad -exit /openLANE_flow/openlane/scripts/openroad/or_route.tcl |& tee >&@stdout /openLANE_flow/openlane/designs/sha3_miner/runs/25-11_03-03/logs/routing/fastroute.log"
[ERROR]: Exit code: 1
[ERROR]: Last 10 lines:
child killed: segmentation violation
[ERROR]: Please check openroad  log file
[ERROR]: Dumping to /openLANE_flow/openlane/designs/sha3_miner/runs/25-11_03-03/error.log
while executing
"try_catch openroad -exit $::env(SCRIPTS_DIR)/openroad/or_route.tcl |& tee $::env(TERMINAL_OUTPUT) $::env(fastroute_log_file_tag).log"
(procedure "global_routing" line 5)
invoked from within
(procedure "run_routing" line 15)
invoked from within
(procedure "run_non_interactive_mode" line 16)
invoked from within
"run_non_interactive_mode {*}$argv"
invoked from within
"if { [info exists flags_map(-interactive)] || [info exists flags_map(-it)] } {
puts_info "Running interactively"
if { [info exists arg_values(-file)..."
(file "./flow.tcl" line 164)
Any ideas what could be the problem... maybe Total Wirelengh shouldn't be negative?
try this openlane commit 40e97e3
Not sure how to do that
git clone --branch develop cd openlane git checkout 40e97e34a34d11727d037401956c3c1e4792cc86
Do I also need to update PDK? I now get [INFO]: Running Static Timing Analysis... OpenSTA 2.2.0 0d73b5b65a Copyright (c) 2019, Parallax Software, Inc. License GPLv3: GNU GPL version 3 <> This is free software, and you are free to change and redistribute it under certain conditions; type `show_copying' for details. This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details type `show_warranty'. Warning: /home/jcyr/pdk_root/sky130A/libs.ref/sky130_fd_sc_hd/lib/sky130_fd_sc_hd__ff_n40C_1v95.lib, line 31 default_operating_condition ff_n40C_1v95 not found. Warning: /home/jcyr/pdk_root/sky130A/libs.ref/sky130_fd_sc_hd/lib/sky130_fd_sc_hd__ss_100C_1v60.lib, line 32 default_operating_condition ss_100C_1v60 not found. Error: cannot read file /openLANE_flow/openlane/designs/sha3_miner/runs/25-11_03-41/results/synthesis/sha3_miner.synthesis_optimized.v.
~Yet the folder exists: bash-4.1$ ls /home/jcyr/pdk_root/sky130A/libs.ref/sky130_fd_sc_hd cdl doc gds lef lib mag maglef spice techlef verilog~
I wouldn't suggest checking out to a random commit of develop. Either use master, or latest develop but always assume that develop might not be stable. @Jean: how big is your design? Does it have any macros inside it?
If it says "Killed", you need more RAM
Change the way you're starting the docker container
The box has 24GB of RAM. Is it a docker limit?
Yeah, there's a RAM limit in the container start configuration