I've tried the run_designs.py script included in O...
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I've tried the run_designs.py script included in OpenLANE but got a few fatal errors (see reply). spm design and a minimal regression config was used. Did anyone run into this and have a suggested workaround, or can spot an issue with the command used?
Result from running:
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python3 run_designs.py -d spm -r /Users/dan.rodrigues/hw/caravel-vdp-lite/openlane/vdp_lite_user_proj/scripts/regression.config
regression.config just contains:
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PL_TARGET_DENSITY=(0.32 0.33 0.34 0.35 0.36)
Seems the script excpects something specific in the logs and doesn't find it causing some bash expression to fail.
@drr Looks like there might have been some changes in
git diff origin/develop origin/master scripts/report/report.sh
yields the following at around line 64
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-opendpUtil=$(grep "design util" $openDP_log -s | tail -1 | sed -E 's/.*: (\S+).*/\1/')
+opendpUtil=$(grep "utilization" $openDP_log -s | head -1 | sed -E 's/.* (\S+).*%/\1/')
Maybe that's causing unexpected results.
Thanks, that'll be the first thing I check when I revisit this if I started getting antenna/DRC issues again