about the open_pdks thing I mentioned above, rolli...
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about the open_pdks thing I mentioned above, rolling back the commit did get rid of the OpenSTA memory issue, will avoid the latest commit for now now I am trying to figure out why I'm getting these warnings when placing my user project macro into user_project_wrapper, which smell like fatal errors but the flow continues regardless:
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[WARNING] Pin wbs_adr_i[12] is outside die area
I'll reply with more context
https://github.com/dan-rodrigues/caravel-vdp-lite/blob/vdp-lite-custom-diode-script/openlane/user_project_wrapper/interactive.tcl#L17 It is placed using the above, which seems ok when I look at the empty user_project_wrapper layout
it also seems OK given that the macro is 1400x1100, which seems to leave plenty of room
TritonRoute then has many issues trying to route it based on the rollercoaster violation count, should the flow have just given up the moment it saw pins being placed "outside die area"?
crude klayout ruler drawing but this is roughly what I was expecting given the placement in interactive.tcl and the macro dimensions of my user project. I'm trying to place my user project in this square. Am I missing something here?
Are you sure those warnings don't refer to the external (outside pins) and not the pins of your macro ?
don't remember these warnings when I ran the original wrapper through the flow, I'll retry now that I've merged caravel master in
nope, the warnings are there too and the GDS is fine, totally missed that
now I'm wondering why Triton is struggling with what looks like a simple place and route job, going to double check my configs
ok this is better..wonder what happened, maybe just mismatched the GDS vs LEF but it does seem OK now after a fresh run post-master-merge of caravel