# openlane

Ken Pettit

12/04/2020, 10:52 PM
All, looking back at my previous posts, I realized I just made an open ended statement and didn't really ask any question. Sorry about that. Has anyone else seen this issue before? Looking further back in my command log, I also see an error: "Error: write_verilog -include_pwr_gnd is not a known keyword or flag." followed by [INFO]: Changing netlist from /project/openlane/DFFRAM2/runs/DFFRAM2/results/synthesis/DFFRAM2.synthesis.v to /project/openlane/DFFRAM2/runs/DFFRAM2/results/synthesis/DFFRAM2.synthesis_preroute.v. So I'm guessing maybe the error is stemming from that original error.

Amr Gouhar

12/04/2020, 10:58 PM
@Ken Pettit: You are using an older openlane docker with a newer openlane version of scripts. Hence,
write_verilog -include_pwr_gnd
is not recognized.