[WARNING PSM-0030] Vsrc location at (-1399901.776u...
# openlane
[WARNING PSM-0030] Vsrc location at (-1399901.776um, -1914116.416um) and size =10.000um, is not located on a power stripe. Moving to closest stripe at (0.000um, 10.880um)
I am running into the same problem with the new caravel_user_project setup. Have this issue been resolved? Is there a workaround to this? Thanks!
I'm not having this problem anymore with rc0.12
I had to re-harden my macros with new config
I'm not sure, but I think this was important:
yes, I do have that line with the latest config. What openlane version are you using now?
nvm, just saw the version. I will retry with rc0.12. Thank you!
now that shuttle 2 has been announced, I've switched over to the tools as specified in the caravel_user_project repo
ahh, found this issue, I'm still seeing this using openlane v0.12
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I still have the issue too. I have been ignoring it so far as it is the last step. Let me know if you find a solution!