Hi, I am specifying pdn for macros. I added the p...
# openlane
Hi, I am specifying pdn for macros. I added the ports (VDD-VSS) in RTL and nets in config.tcl, But I am getting the below error now. There is no other information the logs mentioned, any idea what to do about this? Thanks
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Type: stdcell, grid
    Stdcell Rails
      Layer: met1 -  width: 0.480  pitch: 2.720  offset: 0.000 
      Layer: met4 -  width: 1.600  pitch: 153.600  offset: 16.320 
    Connect:  {met1 met4}
Type: macro, macro_1
    Macro orientation: R0 R180 MX MY R90 R270 MXR90 MYR90
    Connect: {met4_PIN_ver met5}
[INFO] [PDNG-0012] **** END INFO ****
[INFO] [PDNG-0013] Inserting stdcell grid - grid
[INFO] [PDNG-0015] Writing to database
-code 1 -level 0 -errorcode NONE -errorinfo {invalid command name "NULL"
    while executing
"builtin_unknown NULL setSpecial"
    ("uplevel" body line 1)
    invoked from within
"uplevel 1 builtin_unknown $args"
    (procedure "sta_unknown" line 36)
    invoked from within
"$bterm setSpecial"
    (procedure "export_opendb_power_pin" line 9)
    invoked from within
"export_opendb_power_pin $net_name "POWER""
    (procedure "export_opendb_power_pins" line 6)
    invoked from within
    (procedure "opendb_update_grid" line 5)
    invoked from within
    (procedure "apply" line 7)
    invoked from within
"apply $config"
    (procedure "pdngen::apply_pdn" line 14)
    invoked from within
"pdngen::apply_pdn $config_file $verbose "} -errorline 9
[CRIT] [PDNG-9999] Unexpected error: invalid command name "NULL"
[ERROR]: during executing: "openroad -exit /openLANE_flow/scripts/openroad/or_pdn.tcl |& tee >&@stdout /project/openlane/darkriscv/runs/darkriscv/logs/floorplan/7-pdn.log"
[ERROR]: Exit code: 1
[ERROR]: Last 10 lines:
child process exited abnormally

[ERROR]: Please check openroad  log file
[ERROR]: Dumping to /project/openlane/darkriscv/runs/darkriscv/error.log
It would help to include what you are doing exactly, or nobody can help...
Thanks, I am following the instructions for power grid connections to macros - https://openlane.readthedocs.io/en/latest/docs/source/advanced_power_grid_control.html#macro-level I added the ports in my macro RTL port list and the below to my macro config.tcl -
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set ::env(VDD_NETS) [list {vccd1} {vccd2} {vdda1} {vdda2}]
set ::env(GND_NETS) [list {vssd1} {vssd2} {vssa1} {vssa2}]