HI all, the user_proj_example and user_project_wra...
# openlane
HI all, the user_proj_example and user_project_wrapper have vdd pins inside `ifdef USE_POWER_PINS. This is not getting defined anywhere except in uprj_netlists.v. which I found in some scripts but am not sure how this is being used. My question is - how do I handle USE_POWER_PINS define ? When should it be defined and when not ? Also for where to define it ? Any pointers will be very helpful. Thanks
@Bhawandeep Singh Harsh
is used to guard the power pins. If you are running the full chip simulation, you will need to define it (this is why it is included in the uprj_netlists). Also, it is used by openlane to know the power connection through the
variable https://github.com/efabless/caravel-lite/blob/main/openlane/user_project_wrapper_empty/fixed_wrapper_cfgs.tcl#L60. You can aslo read more about the power grid from here https://github.com/efabless/openlane/blob/master/docs/source/advanced_power_grid_control.md