My design is stuck at global routing with the erro...
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My design is stuck at global routing with the error msg “Net xxx not properly covered”. Can anyone explain what does it mean and know how to fix it? Thanks
That sounds like it might be a pin error and the router can't access it
Is that on a macro?
How big are your pins?
For the SRAM macros, I had to put them on the perimeter and make them several tracks wide
Yes, the pin is quite small (0.17x0.33)
We’re doing for a FPGA fabric and seems the tool can handle it for a small one (2x3 blocks) but got stuck when we scale it up?
@Matthew Guthaus is there any options in openlane can help? Or if we need to re-implement the macros, do you have any suggestions for the minimum pinDepth and pinWidth? Thanks
@Nguyen Dao If that's the case, you need to reimplement the macro. I used 0.38 x 0.72 wide on met3 and met4. The 0.72 is just for min area if they are disconnected.
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If you can provide a test case you can file an issue at
It suggests that the global router is not properly generating a route for that net for unknown reasons