I have a design with a number of asynchronous path...
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I have a design with a number of asynchronous paths (that I made on purpose) that successfully synthesized via openlane and I was hoping to run a back-annotated simulation on them. I didn’t see a way to do that and as it’s not the largest design (maybe ~2K cell) so I thought I might try to spice it via the extracted lvs netlist. And, although functional, it’s way too slow. So I noticed the PDK has support for irsim in the file below, which would be perfect. sky130A/libs.tech/irsim/sky130A_1v80_27.prm But I couldn’t find the ::env var to set to generate the needed .sim file. I found the TCL script that runs magic, and asked it to generate the file like this: openlane/scripts/tcl_commands/magic.tcl @@ -175,9 +175,13 @@ if { ! $::env(LVS_CONNECT_BY_LABEL) } { # extract warn all extract + ext2spice lvs ext2spice -o $::env(EXT_NETLIST) $::env(DESIGN_NAME).ext feedback save $::env(magic_log_file_tag)_ext2$extract_type.feedback.txt + +ext2sim run + And it did generate the .sim file, but it only had one line: results/magic/my_design.sim | units: 500000 tech: sky130A format: MIT I am guessing I am probably missing something obvious. Has anyone gotten this to work?
If you get an answer pls let me know!
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