Hi! What about multi-power-domain support in Openl...
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Hi! What about multi-power-domain support in Openlane? I just stumbled across https://www.techdesignforums.com/practice/guides/unified-power-format-upf/ which is a standard fileformat for TCL based scripts that define the design-intent for multiple power domains. It seems to be open enough to be usable for OpenSource (not 100% sure), and I think that it might be very useful for Openlane to adopt it. If anyone has any questions about it, please let me know.
UPF is a lot of work to support so it is on the long range list but nothing short term is planned. @mehdi did some work with multiple power grids that could be useful
@User there are some design features enabled for analogy design which we added to OR. It is just to enable our fasoc flow and it doesn't take into account to things like timing or level conversion. Take a look at this: https://github.com/idea-fasoc/OpenFASOC/blob/18175ebf1e234299c631bade10adfac45e10ab24/generators/temp-sense-gen/flow/scripts/floorplan.tcl#L58