Good morning! Mine is a digital block and I follow...
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Good morning! Mine is a digital block and I followed these steps as given in the github repo : : 1. git clone 2. cd caravel_user_project         3. make install 4. export OPENLANE_ROOT= Openlane path as shown in picture was set.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     5. export PDK_ROOT= pdk path as set as shown in picture - till here everything was working fine. 6. After running this command " make user_proj_example " - here I am getting the error as shared. @User or anyone here can you please help me solving this error.
Looks like it's the same as this Does that help?
Thank you very much for sharing this... But I think my error is different... Mine OpenLane is working fine but I am having issues with make user_proj_example
Try to update openlane latest version and try it. Error from detailed placement engine not properly sourced here
It looks to me like your magic is the wrong version. How did you install the pdk and openlane ? if you did make pdk then it will use the local magic to install.
you need to be on 8.3.209
otherwise your pdk will not be correct and you will run into all sorts of weird issues
but yes also as @Mitch Bailey points out, your openlane also looks bad. Maybe wipe the whole thing and try again, making sure to follow the instructions exactly