Hi all, What is correct way of listing multiple cl...
# openlane
Hi all, What is correct way of listing multiple clocks in config.tcl? I saw in few repos and also tried by myself doing it like this:
set ::env(CLOCK_PORT) "wb0_clk_i wb1_clk_i ram_clk0 ram_clk1"
But this results in this error during hardening:
On the other hand if I try this way:
set ::env(CLOCK_PORT) [list {wb0_clk_i wb1_clk_i ram_clk0 ram_clk1}]
I'm getting this error:
@User Hi Matt, Hope you're proper person 🙂 Could you help me with above case?
You should put the positional args at the end - see https://github.com/The-OpenROAD-Project/OpenSTA/blob/master/doc/OpenSTA.pdf
@User Looking at the OpenSTA, it appears that the
command creates a virtual clock driver for the pin or pins at the end of the command. To create multiple clocks (say at different frequencies), I'm assuming it's necessary to use multiple
commands defining different clock periods. Do you know if this is possible with the current openlane
you do need multiple commands but I'm not an OL expert. @User any comment?
If you are reading an sdc file you can put all your commands in there
@User So I should have multiple lines in config.tcl with
set ::env(CLOCK_PORT) [,
with each line having only one clock signal mentioned, is that what you mentioned? Won't last clock mentioned in config.tcl overwrite previous signals?
Ok, that was stupid question. I should create sdc and put create_clock commands there.