In this link it gives two options for installing t...
# openlane
In this link it gives two options for installing the environment setup: Local and docker. Which one requires the least disk space? I originally thought the docker would help me save space, but it seems the download is about 5 GB. Is the local install even bigger than that? I am trying save memory because I am using a dual boot, so space is limited. Thanks!
I believe local install will be smaller. However, building the tools might not be as easy as using docker images.
Are there any resources to setting up the docker engine/images? I am always having trouble with denied permissions and accessing the docker.
designs & pdks are probably the biggest users of disk space and will be the same either way
@User are you able to run other docker images ok? Just trying to localize the issue
@User No, I've been having issues with the other docker commands also. The only one I successfully ran was "sh" in the mpw-precheck folder. All other commands like "docker pull efabless/dv_setup:latest" i had to run with "sudo" in front, but sometimes it still didn't work? Sorry for the confusion; I think I may have docker incorrectly set up?