Here's a Docker image I made for the OpenROAD GUI:...
# openlane
Here's a Docker image I made for the OpenROAD GUI: I published it to DockerHub, so you can run it immediately (without building anything). This is how I run it:
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docker run -e "DISPLAY=${DISPLAY}" --network host -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix -v /home/uri/asic_tools:/tools:ro -e OPENLANE_ROOT=/tools/openlane -e PDK_ROOT=/tools/pdk wokwi/openroad-gui -gui
You'll have you replace
with the path to the directory that contains the PDK and openlane
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Can't you do this from the regular OL image?
Nope. I tried that before adventuring with building OpenROAD myself.
The openroad in the regular OL image (mpw-3a tag) says:
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% openroad -gui
[ERROR] This code was compiled with the GUI disabled.  Please recompile with Qt5 if you want the GUI.
I guess mpw-3a is on an older OL version as the current master version supports -gui. @User what version is mpw-3a using?
I’m out of office but yeah it’s a month old