Hi , I have an array of SRAMs (macros) . Will op...
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Hi , I have an array of SRAMs (macros) . Will openlane able to place them in placement stage OR i need to create a DEF with FIXED attribute for those macros ? I get below error in resizer placement stage : set_max_fanout 5.0000 [current_design] [INFO]: Setting RC values... [INFO RSZ-0027] Inserted 16 input buffers. [INFO RSZ-0058] Using max wire length 2319um. [INFO RSZ-0034] Found 36 slew violations. [INFO RSZ-0036] Found 4 capacitance violations. [INFO RSZ-0037] Found 13 long wires. [INFO RSZ-0038] Inserted 73 buffers in 46 nets. [INFO RSZ-0039] Resized 549 instances. [INFO RSZ-0042] Inserted 1056 tie sky130_fd_sc_hd__conb_1 instances. [ERROR DPL-0018] detailed placement failed on U_controller.lane\[0\].sram\[2\].U_sram_64_128_sky130A. Error: resizer.tcl, 78 DPL-0018 THanks
You cant supply openlane with defs of components, even fixed. For manual placement use the example from openlane. Make sure to use exact name from synthesis netlist. Otherwise it will pick some location that might or might not be optimal, assuming you have enough area, since last time I checked, OpenLane didnt count the macros areas when calculating the die area.
This typically means that you need to specify the area manually
Thanks @User - let me check.