I installed OpenLANE from <https://github.com/The-...
# openlane
I installed OpenLANE from https://github.com/The-OpenROAD-Project/OpenLane I cloned caravel user project from https://github.com/efabless/caravel_user_project I was reading the manual quickstart of caravel_user_project, it says: "#. Now that your git environment is setup, it's time to setup your local environment by running. .. code:: bash # make sure to change <directory_name> with the directory you created in step 2 # in this case it is caravel_tutorial export OPENLANE_ROOT=~/<directory_name>/openlane # you need to export this whenever you start a new shell export PDK_ROOT=~/<directory_name>/pdks # you need to export this whenever you start a new shell make setup * This command will setup your environment by installing the following: - caravel_lite (a lite version of caravel) - management core for simulation - openlane to harden your design - pdk" Because I installed openlane before, do I need to "make setup" again from caravel_user_project folder ? Thanks
Probably depends how old your openlane is
If its recent you can try leaving it
Check the makefile to see the setup target
I think youll need 2, install caravel and the mgmt core
well probably the safest way will be just to follow the steps from caravel_user_project, as you said then I need to install caravel_lite and management core for simulation
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when you first try to get your hands dirty and search for openlane, you first find openroad repo, but actually for mpw you don't need that repo as caravel_user_project makefile will install openlane and pdk, that's sth that I figured out actually
Actually the latest YouTube video of M. Shalan "Getting Started with Open MPW and chipIgnite" there is a slide states that "you only need to clone one repo: efabless/caravel_user_project"