Hi, I did the installation of Xschem, Xschem_sky13...
# reram
Hi, I did the installation of Xschem, Xschem_sky130, Skywater-PDK, Open_pdks, and ngspice as per the instructions in the youtube video


and when I go to ~/open_pdks/sky130/sky130B/libs.tech/xschem and invoke xschem, simulator xschem works fine, I see reram.sym inside the choose symbol directories ~/.xschem/xschem_library/xschem_sky130/sky130_fd_pr/, however, there is no sky130_fd_pr_reram directory (obtained after installing skywater-PDK) while choosing the symbol. Somehow if I add the path inside the xschemrc, still there is no any symbol for reram in ~/foundary/skywater-pdk/libraries/sky130_fd_pr_reram/latest/cells/. (Q1) reram.sym available is associated with which model? (Q2) What is the use of sky130_fd_pr_reram inside xschem, is it only for ngspice or xyce? (Q3) Why there are so many pdk like, Xschem_sky130, Skywater-PDK, Open_pdks etc. ? (Note: I followed all the steps given http://opencircuitdesign.com/open_pdks/index.html)