<@U016HSAH6AE>: Since open_pdks installs for lots ...
# open_pdks
@User: Since open_pdks installs for lots of tools, not just magic, it generates its own file structure. If you want to do what you suggest, then just set the install destination anywhere, could be something like /usr/share/pdk/, then make a symbolic link to the magic directory there from inside /usr/local/lib/magic/sys/. But note that if you are specifying the tech file with "-T" on the command line, then you're missing half of what the PDK does. The recommended method is to copy the "sky130A.magicrc" into any project layout directory as ".magicrc". Then you just need to cd to that directory and do "magic" without any "-T" and it will read in the correct tech file, read in the PDK cell generator and other scripts, create the additional PDK menus, and all other necessary setup commands.