Hi <@U01819B63HP> thanks for replying. When I do '...
# xschem
Hi @User thanks for replying. When I do 'l' (lower case L) the line also starts outside the window. In fact when xschem is not fullscreen, the start of the line seems to be coming from the top left of the screen, not the corner of the xschem window. I'm not sure how to check for keyboard modifiers, it is a US-international layout keyboard I think, though quite an old one, plugged in via ps2 connector into a Dell precision 3630 running debian as the host os and the guest under virt-manager+qemu is also running debian. I'll try another keyboard just in case. .... Same problem does occur with USB keyboard on the host OS. I am new to virtualization, perhaps I've messed something up. So far I have no keyboard problems with other software though.